Our Covid-19 Response

Keeping You Safe
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Covid-19 Response

At No 7 Barns Terrace we have always prided ourselves on our high standards of cleanliness and never has this been more important than now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking advice from Government guidelines and all the major booking platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, Vrbo, TripAdvisor and Booking.com we can assure our guests that every effort has been made to make No 7 Barns Terrace as clean, hygienic and safe as possible.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority.

Good to Go

We are committed to clean and since re-opening in summer 2020 we have been awarded the ‘We’re Good to Go Industry Standard’ certificate which means The National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are satisfied that our business is indeed good to go.

It recognises that we have followed, and are following, government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring processes are in place to maintain cleanliness and the highest of standards.


We plan to continue to meet our guests at No 7 Barns Terrace. We will be wearing a face covering and keeping a social distance. However if guests would prefer to check in themselves keys can be left behind our main door before arrival. We have a house manual at the front door which gives you all the information about the house you will need - from the Wi-fi code to how the cooker works – so hopefully once you have checked in you won’t need to contact us. Because of the Trace & Track and Test & Protect measures in place by the Scottish Government it is a requirement that guests fill in a check in card. This is left beside the house manual and can be filled in at your leisure. This will not be used for data but will we kept for 6 months and then destroyed.


We leave 2 sets of keys for our guests to use during their stay. We now have 2 different sets of keys which are rotated per booking.


We are following the Airbnb cleaning protocol:

  • Prepare
  • Clean
  • Sanitise
  • Check
  • Reset

We are also working with the ASSC (Association of Scotland’s Self –Caterers) and the Scottish Government approved guidelines to ensure that No 7 Barns Terrace is cleaned to a safe standard.

We have hand sanitiser and disposable gloves at the front door for guests use. Each of our bathrooms has anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitiser and disposable hand towels in addition to individual soap bars and fresh towels.

Although every endeavour has been made, you must still take care and regularly wash your hands and use the alcohol based hand rubs that are available.

We also have cleaning materials including anti bacterial sprays, disinfectant etc in the kitchen under the sink if required.


Laundry is picked up by a professional laundrette and washed at Government guidelines temperature for bedlinen and towels. All linen bags are washed after every use.

All mattresses, pillows and duvets have cotton protectors on them.


From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring of 2020 we have refunded, credited or rebooked all our guests. In these unprecedented times we felt it was only fair to have this policy as none of us had ever experienced anything like this before. Until COVID-19 struck we had genuinely never had to deal with many cancellations – and hopefully as answers are found this situation will become less and less.

We hope this gives you peace of mind to book with us.

Find Us and Get in Touch

We are always happy to hear from anybody interested in coming to stay. If you want to find out more about the house or the location – or to make a booking – please don’t hesitate to call Fiona on +44 (0) 7836 561785 or email hello@no7barnsterrace.co.uk